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Funeral Planning

Funeral costs are rising fast – in fact, the average funeral costs 80% more than it did nine years ago. According to a recent survey, a funeral that costs £3,594 today will have leapt to ££5,800 by 2020.

Would long term care costs, taking particular into account the proposals highlighted in the Care Bill currently being discussed, affect the affordability of having your desired funeral arrangements?

Will your family be left with a large bill and uncertainty about your funeral arrangements?

Care Costs

At present, if you have capital in excess of £23.250 you are made to pay for your own care costs until it runs down to that limit. Only then is a reduced rate paid until your capital drops down further to £14,250, only then is your capital safe. Out of this you would have to pay funeral costs, leaving little remaining for your surviving family.

A Prepaid Funeral Plan

By purchasing a prepaid funeral plan, you will be:

  • Securing the funeral costs at today’s price, no matter how much they rise in the future.
  • Leaving more monies remaining for your surviving family.
  • Family members and third parties can take out a plan for someone else.
  • Able to apply earlier for assistance towards paying care costs.
  • Ensuring that the arrangements reflect your personal wishes.

Taking our a prepaid funeral plan prior to applying for assistance to Social Services is NOT seen as a deprivation of assets.


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