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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we prevent our Property from being used to pay for the possible cost of our care in the future?

  1. Yes, please contact us for advice regarding your property

Q. Can I pay for funeral costs at today’s prices?

  1. Yes, click here to read more, one of our consultants can complete all documentation in the comfort of your own home or place of residence.

Q. What type of LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney) is best for me?

  1. This will depend upon your circumstances and will become obvious through discussion with our consultant.

Q. Who should I appoint as my Attorney?

  1. If you are married or living in a partnership the best person is your partner. If you are on your own, a family member such as a sibling is probably best, although you can use a friend. In any case, you are strongly advised to appoint a second or “reserve” attorney.

Q. Can I limit the powers of my Attorney?

  1. Yes, in any way you wish.

Q. Can my Attorney register the power?

  1. Yes. However, the system being heavily bureaucratic, it is possible he or she may prefer help. Whenever a power is registered, the Court writes to the people you have nominated as “friends” to ensure this power isn’t being taken ut against your will.

Q. When should I register an LPA?

  1. We recommend you register an LPA as soon as it is signed. However, we also recognise that circumstances vary and whilst a Health & Welfare LPA could well be needed on the same day as the pertinent medical problem comes to light, a Property & Affairs LPA might not be needed until a few weeks after the event, a time frame commensurate with the time it takes the Court to register the power. So, on balance, a Health & Welfare LPA needs immediate registration whilst a Property & Affairs LPA can usually wait.
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